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Carne Bollente is a free and independent Paris based brand established in 2015* focusing on the relation between sex and positivity to allow people to embrace their own sexuality and kinks through their clothes. By pairing straightforward streetwear staples with scenic sex illustrations that manage to cover a wide scope of sexual taboos without verging on the problematic we inject irreverence and provocation into no-frills basics.

* This project is led by Hijiri Endo Théodore Famery & Agoston Palinko. 

Sex positivity

Our goal is to make our society more sex positive, inclusive and queer friendly. 

We want everyone to feel happy, confident, safe and free about their sexual identity including gender expression, orientation, relationship with their bodies and also reproductive rights.

Through our creations, we seek to positively change cultural attitudes and norms around sexuality and are hoping to promote the recognition of different sexual identities.

Every year, we donate a portion of our clothes to AIDES in Paris for charity events and 100% of the profits of the charity event sales are used to fight against AIDS and HIV. 


All our products are made in Portugal except woven blankets, which are made by a small family owned weaver in USA. We chose to work with Portuguese factories because the geographical proximity, quality and most importantly the people.

At Carne Bollente, sustainability is first and foremost about creating time-less designs and quality products that can be used for a long time. Furthermore, we aim to use low impact materials such as organic cotton, organic denim and recycled polyester. For example over 80% of our SS22 ready-to-wear products (65% of all products) is made of low impact materials such as GOTS 100% organic cotton, organic denim and recycled polyester.

In addition, today, almost all of our fabrics are sourced from local Portuguese suppliers. Since 2019, we moved our wholesale logistic operation to the same region, which allows us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

However, we are still far from being a sustainable brand so we will continue to improve our approach.


We would like to warmly thank the one and only Mario Simon Lafleur who did all the eshop pictures of this website. We also want to thank Francisco Coelho Lima, World wild source, Felix Gesnouin, Jacques Averna and Leo Cogos.