280 EUR


↳ Width: 98cm / Height: 73cm

Our Genitalia rugs are manufactured by robotic-tufting arms. A natural latex solution is then applied to this backing, and your rug is protected by a luxurious backing fabric. This process will usually involve no less than 6 human hands, at least a few CPUs, and almost one hundred hours for a single rug.

Design made in France, and produced in Morocco, with the utmost care and artisanal integrity, and your purchases will always contribute directly to the welfare of this proud and generous country.


↳ Made in eco nylon, from recycled fishing nets, to contribute to the protection of the planet. A beautiful shining touch, this fabric is also suitable for a bathroom application as the nylon would act naturally as a hydrophobic surface (and be less spoiled by the damp of the bathroom or even some water!).


↳ In the event of stains, clean the rug with a cloth to avoid the stain from drying. Sprinkling some baking soda onto a stain afterwards will ensure that extra moisture is absorbed away from the fibres, vacuum the powder away after a few minutes. Professional rug cleaning is advised for deeper cleaning if necessary.

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